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January 6, 2018

A review of S.C. Richmond’s After the Light, After the Love

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Alex Price is a newspaper reporter who anxiously awaits the wedding between her grandmother (or “nan”), Mary and Mary’s lifelong, yet to date unrequited, love, Jack.  And so begins the story in S.C. Richmond’s third novel in the Alex Price series, “After the Light, After the Love.”


While the ceremony is perfect and lovely and everyone is having a grand time during the reception, things turn suddenly amiss.  Young Lily, who takes the role as Mary’s maid of honor and flower girl, turns up missing within the first couple hours of the reception, and just after Mary and Jack have left for their honeymoon.  Lily is a friend of the family and a favorite of everybody in the small community of Charmesbury.  Alex’s boyfriend, Matt, who is a detective with the police force, and all of Charmesbury’s finest, try to solve the mystery.  Alex, who is a natural busy body, being a news reporter, insists on helping with the investigation, much to Matt’s dismay.  Two solid suspects emerge and the police, with Alex’s help, must investigate further to figure out who has done what.  In the end, the mystery (and several others) is solved, but not without many adventures and misadventures.


This story is well written and moves along very quickly.  The reader is engrossed from the beginning and can’t stop turning pages.  The writer makes excellent use of dialogue to move through the story quickly and no words are wasted.  While written and labeled as a mystery, this story also could be called an action/adventure novel.  Who needs labels, anyway?


A word or two about the characters and back story are probably in order.  As stated above, this is the third book in a series.  And, while it would be helpful to have read the first two, Ms. Richmond adds enough material and back story to the writing that this novel makes a fine stand alone read.  Anyone unfamiliar with the first two books can pick this one up and still find it as a snappy, well written, fast moving novel.  This reviewer certainly did.  And further, he can’t wait to sink his teeth into the first two novels in the series.


Kudos to Ms. Richmond.


A post script:  Please check out S.C. Richmond’s blog here on Word Press.  She’s really a very good writer and writes on a number of different topics.


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