A Nation of Christians?

I just read that 32 of the 50 states in which we Americans live are CUTTING (more accurately, slashing) food stamp benefits. This will impact, literally, millions of individuals who are near to falling off of the “hunger cliff.” Republicans keep wanting to tell us what great “Christians” they are. How do they look at themselves in the mirror?

Yes, an argument could be made that there are people on food stamps who put themselves where they are. They don’t or won’t work. They just suck off of the “government teet.” I will openly admit, that there are a FEW who do that. But even then, if one is a Christian, shouldn’t one forgive? If one is a Christian, should he let his “brother” go hungry?

32 out of 50 states appear to be willing to let there fellow citizens, whether rightly or wrongly, go hungry. And the right wing is the standard bearer of Christianity?


And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful, end of the work week, Friday.

By schingle

Though I have many interests, writing is my passion. I love music, sports, various puzzles that require thinking, women (and other human beings), dogs and my son. Probably other things too. But, more than anything, writing is my passion.


  1. Excellent and correct comments. However, in true Orwellian ease, there are no “hungry” in this wonderful capitalist and corporate center — only some who are “food insecure”. Doesn’t that sound better, so special?

    Gons on sale at the corner store.

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