Weirdly Excited!

I know I mentioned this before, but J and I have some visitors coming in next week from Georgia. I haven’t seen them since I left Chicago some seven plus years ago. J hasn’t seen them in nearly five years. The stated reason for their visit is to come and see a mutual friend of ours perform his one-man band act here in Tucson. But, as the visit gets nearer, it occurs to me that it’s more than that.

You know we’ve been dealing with the Covid thing for about a year and a half, now (give or take). J and I have largely gone by the rules. Yes, I drive every day and so was more exposed to the public than most. I took all the necessary precautions (disinfected the car after every passenger, sanitized my hands after every passenger, etc.) and I got lucky. J works from home and so got out almost not at all. On weekends, we largely stayed home, and wore masks when we left the house. So, by and large, we played the Covid game by the rules. In short, we haven’t had a visitor (much less an out-of-town visitor) in our home in nearly two years. The prospect of seeing our old friends, Carrie and John, is just overwhelming. We truly can’t wait.

I know it sounds weird. I’m sure some of you have gone longer without major social interactions. Even weirder, I’ve always been the type to be ok with just me or just J and me. I’ve never been one who just absolutely NEEDS social interaction, but here comes the opportunity, and I’m like a kid in a candy store. Go figure.

So, there’s my tale of upcoming adventure to lead us to the weekend.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful end of the work week Friday.

By schingle

Though I have many interests, writing is my passion. I love music, sports, various puzzles that require thinking, women (and other human beings), dogs and my son. Probably other things too. But, more than anything, writing is my passion.


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