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February 10, 2021

My Brain is Slowly Catching On

I’ve written two pieces in the last week or so, stating that I don’t understand Soren Kirkegaard. I still don’t, but slowly, I’m catching on to what he’s doing. He really lets his writing unfold slowly. Perhaps I’m just impatient. No doubt, he’s a better writer than I’ll ever be. Still, I’m slowly catching on.

Let me start by saying that the overwhelming majority of writers identified as “existentialists” are atheists. Soren Kirkegaard is a notable exception. (Another is C.S. Lewis). The core “value” in existentialism is “existence before essence.” Most existentialists state that man exists in a hostile world and must adapt to it. The idea of a “God” to exist is contrary to the obvious problems that exist in this hostile world. Kirkegaard, on the other hand, says that all “hostility” man faces in this world, are merely “tests” put out by God.

I complained earlier (last week) that Kirkegaard (in the book “Fear and Trembling”) was re-telling the story of Abraham and Isaac from the Bible in a number of different ways with slightly different twists. I didn’t see the point at the time. Now, Kirkegaard is bringing up some “problems” to use as examples as to why the story was presented in a number of different ways. As he solves the problems, he will further explain his “faith.” While I, personally, remain an atheist, I look forward to his explanations and solutions. I can not doubt Mr. Kirkegaard’s intelligence and I look forward to the further challenge.

And, as always, I’m wishing everyone peace on this middle of the week Wednesday.


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    Most fascinating that philosophy still matters. B/c it does. Obviosuly.

    Comment by Sempervirens117 — February 10, 2021 @ 7:05 pm

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