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April 21, 2018

why not?

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So, over the last ten days or so I’ve posted album covers without explanations.  That was the rule as set forth by someone who started the whole thing in facebook.  However, this isn’t facebook and I haven’t been blogging much so i figured why not?

The ten covers posted were not necessarily my ten most favorite albums of all time though all ten probably fall somewhere in the top fifty.  But each of them represent some sort of first for me, so I’m going to do a quick blurb on each of the ten to explain their particular meaning to me.  Since blogs are supposed to stay short, I’ll do it over three days.

Yes, I know this is self serving, but I haven’t been writing and I had to think of something.  Apologies to all, but hopefully there will be some who find this of some interest.

  1.  So Long Bannatyne by The Guess Who— The Guess Who were the first band I really got into that wasn’t the Beatles.  I think I was about 9, when my brother turned me onto this particular album.
  2. Uprising by Bob Marley and the Wailers— I’d listened to a little reggae before college but could never get into it—thought it all sounded the same.  I had a room mate in college who turned me on to Bob with this album.  Been digging reggae ever since.  Thanks, Bobbi, wherever you are (Park City, Utah last I heard).
  3. Big Red by Laurie Anderson— I’ve always tried to maintain eclectic tastes when it comes to music and wanted to try some avant garde stuff.  So, I gave Laurie Anderson a try in my mid 20’s.  No regrets.  And can I say, she and Lou Reed were a GREAT match.

Okay.  That’s plenty for today.  Thanks for humoring me.  Peace to all.


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