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July 26, 2017

JT Rankings #15

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#15  Rock Island

So, here’s another one.  Ranked low, in the overall scheme of things Tull, this one is still a good album.  “Rock Island” (1989) touched on a bit of everything.  We have a couple songs with sexual overtones (“Kissing Willie” and “Undressed to Kill”), others addressing loneliness (“Strange Avenues” and the title track) and one touching on industrial pollution (“Heavy Water”; lyrics include the line “Smoke stack blowing now they’re pouring heavy water on me”).  This CD rocks pretty hard as a whole, as a nice  follow up to the heavy metal Grammy winning  “Crest of a Knave” (1987).  But there are some light and pretty tunes and well, most notably “Another Christmas Song.”  The core personnel, by this time, included: Ian Anderson (flute, guitar, vocals), Martin Barre (lead guitar), Dave Pegg (bass, backing vocals) and Doane Perry (drums).  Keyboard duties were shared between (now former Tuller) Peter-John Vetesse and (Fairport Conventioner) Maartin Allcock.  If someone didn’t know anything else by the band, they may not become converts by hearing this one, but one would still be prone to a little toe tapping, almost certainly.


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