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July 20, 2017

JT Rankings #20

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#20 J-Tull Dot Com

The band brought out the 20th century with their salute to technology and the album, J-Tull Dot Com (1999).  It’s been said about Jethro (and other performers as well) that even the worst Tull album is better than a lot of artists’ best work.  And, by and large, that’s true.  There are certainly a number of listenable, even above average, songs.  “Spiral” (the opener), “Dot Com,” “Hunt by Numbers,” and “Far Alaska” come to mind.  But, as a collection, this is far from their best effort.  The core of Ian Anderson (flute, acoustic guitar, vocals, front man), Martin Barre (lead guitar) and Doane Perry (drummer, who, by this time, had been with the group some 15 years) are joined by Andy Giddings (Keyboards) and Jonathan Noyce (Bass).  There’s a lot of talent on the album, but just not a lot to hold the attention.  For those who are hard core Tull fans, it’s probably an okay album to put on to remember a couple of gems.  But, to those who know little of their work, let’s just say, you wouldn’t throw this one on and say to yourself, “yeah, I gotta hear more of this.”


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