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May 5, 2021

And Now in the News

They’re still afraid of this guy! By “they” I mean the Republican Party. By “this guy” I mean our (for now) deposed dictator (who posed as president for four long and embarrassing years). Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming), was one of a handful of Republicans who stood up to the embarrassing dictator. Now, per Fox News (and others), the Republicans are about to remove Cheney from her position of power (she is currently head of the Republican Caucus—the third ranking Republican in the house of representatives).

It was only a month ago that House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy supported Cheney for her role, even though he disagreed with her regarding the dictator. Now, even he is calling for her ouster. Her days are numbered as far as being a person of clout in the House of Representatives. And to think, her daddy was Vice President under George W. Bush. The dictator must have some sort of blackmail on every Republican member of congress for them to continually back him after he turned a mob on the Congress and essentially committed treason.

He loses an election six months ago, and he’s still got the party under his thumb. Ridiculous! Embarrassing!

In other news, Canada has approved a vaccine for children aged 12 to 15 years. They are a step ahead of the US, but that’s not surprising. There are still people in the US who refuse to get vaccinated citing the idea that it is government “mind control.” You guessed it—these are the same morons who think the election was “stolen” from the dictator. You can take the child from the country, but you can’t remove all of the redneck.

And finally, a new embarrassment from Colorado, the place I called home for over 25 years. A body was found in a home in rural Colorado. The man who found the body in his home was part of a “religious group” (cult?) called “Love Has Won.” He stated the body was that of Lia Carlson, the group’s founder. Apparently Ms. Carlson, when alive, preferred to be referred to as “Mother God.” Yeah, religion has so many benefits, like…(crickets). Seriously, between this discovery and Lauren Boebert (a US representative from Colorado), I’m having a hard time admitting that that’s my “home state.” But, still I say it: Go Avs (who have a game against San Jose tonight).

And that’s a quick summary of how fucked up things are here in America. Oh, and, …have a nice day.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful but getting warmer Wednesday.

May 4, 2021

Comeback Kids

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So, last night was one of the most exciting hockey games I’ve seen in quite a long while. A little background might behoove the telling of the story.

My favorite team, the Colorado Avalanche, have already secured a playoff spot with the season ending in less than two weeks. At this moment, they are now fighting for first place in their division (the west division) which would give them home ice advantage at least through the first two rounds of the playoffs. Right now, the Avs are two points (the equivalent of one full game) behind the Vegas Golden Knights for first in the west. Last night, Vegas lost to Minnesota. So, a win by Colorado over San Jose would be a HUGE step forward. They didn’t make it easy, but they did make it happen.

At two different times, during the third period, the Avs were behind the Sharks by two goals. Down 4-2 with 10 and a half minutes left, the Avs got a much needed goal from their captain, Gabe Landeskog. Then with right around four minutes left, Nazem Kadri, who has been snake bitten of late, scored the tying goal. The game ended up going into over time and the Avs clinched it with a goal approximately a minute and a half into the extra period. It’s the most exciting finish I’ve seen this year. The best part? The Avs now control their own destiny.

While the Knights are still two points up on the Avs, the Avs still have a “game in hand.” In other words, Colorado has one more game still to play than Vegas does. Hence, if the Avs win out over the last six games they have they will surpass Vegas as one of those remaining games is, in fact, against the Knights. So, let’s go Avs.

Oh, and do my heart a favor, don’t make the next ones so dramatic as last night’s game, would ya?

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful though getting warmer Tuesday.

May 3, 2021

A Very Stoic Word

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And, as has been happening of late, I am a bit pressed for time so rather than think of something original, I am going to write about today’s word of the day. It’s kind of a fun one and also one that the Stoics would be proud of. To wit:

Today’s word? Equanimity. Its meaning? “…mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain; calmness…”

Now the Stoics, as a whole, try not to lose their cool, even under the most stressful of situations. They would say one should only worry about what is within one’s own control. So, to a Stoic, showing equanimity is a sign of stoicism or a sign of good philosophical conditioning. And following is a partial summary of its etymology:

Per “Equanimity, ‘mental or emotional stability or composure,’ ultimately comes from Latin aequanimitas, originally ‘good will, favor’ and later ‘calmness of mind, tranquility.’ Aequanimitas is a derivative of the rare adjective aequanimis ‘calm, composed.’ Equanimity entered English in the early 17th century.

And there you have today’s word of the day and its etymology. Hopefully you found it worth your time. I, for one, found it pretty interesting.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful and a bit cooler Monday.

May 2, 2021

Good Thing I Checked

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So, as is frequently the case, especially lately, I didn’t really have an original thought and decided to look up the word of the day, in case it may be interesting. Turns out it was a good thing I checked. Today’s word is just a fun one to even look at. To wit:

Today’s word? Apothegm (pronounced–apuh-them). Its meaning? “…a short, pithy, instructive saying; a terse remark or aphorism.” Like I say, it’s just kind of cool to look at—at least to me.

And its derivation is unique as well. The etymology is as follows, per “Apothegm ‘a short, instructive saying; a terse remark,’ is hard enough to pronounce even in its simplified spelling, which is based on the pronunciation of the word. The original spelling, still used, is apophthegm. Apothegm was the usual spelling until Dr. Johnson settled on apophthegm in his dictionary (1755). Apophthegm ultimately comes from the Greek noun apopthegma, a derivative of the verb apophthengesthai ‘to speak out, speakone’s opinion plainly,’ a compound of the prefix apo-‘forth’ and the simple verb phthengesthai ‘to speak, raise one’s voice.’ Apothegm and apophthegm entered English within two years of each other in the second half of the 16th century.”

Just looking at it, it looks Greek and the derivation or etymology makes perfect sense. So, there you have today’s word of the day and etymology.

And, as always, here’s wishing everybody peace on this glorious but a bit too hot Sunday.

May 1, 2021

Good News? It Is To Me!

Well, after well over a year, I finally got a call from one of the board members in our darts league. We are tentatively looking at a start for a new season at the end of May or beginning of June. There are details that need to be worked out, but it’s looking like a go.

Among the details we need to figure out: where are we going to play our home matches? My friend Adam, who owns the bar that sponsored us last year is planning on re-opening, but is not sure he’ll open in time for the darts season. He’s also a maybe on actually playing for us. So, there’s another detail. J is committed and our friend Barbara is as well. We only need one more player to commit to a weekly Tuesday evening matchup. Adam said he’d substitute for us, but that’s it for commitment. We’d like to get one more player. Again, this is small potatoes. We’ll get it worked out.

So, and I know most of you are waiting with bated breath, you’ll get to receive weekly updates on the progress of our team. I know you can’t wait. (Nothing but crickets). Ok, maybe you can wait, but I can’t wait to tell you. How’s that?

In other quick hits: My mom’s prognosis is not looking good. As a result of her diabetes, her heel is badly infected and they are doing procedures on the foot about every other day. They aren’t saying she’s knocking on death’s door or anything, but she is not well. I have a feeling she’ll be in hospital for quite a little while and then, likely, into a nursing home. Her memory gets weaker, almost by the day. Trying to keep in good spirits and, more importantly, trying to keep HER in good spirits.

My car is sick. Sounds like the muffler, but I had a passenger who said he thought it might be more serious than that. Just hoping it’s something I can afford. We’ll see.

J is getting herself ready for a 50 mile bicycle ride in Illinois for Multiple Sclerosis. The event takes place in June. I’ll miss her over that long weekend, but it’s for a good cause and she gets to hook up with several of her old teammates for the ride. Go J.

That sums things up. Hope all will enjoy the weekend.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful, if a little warm, Saturday.

April 30, 2021

More Quick Hits

Time constraints once again, so this will be several quickies before I hit the road.

My friend, and fellow blogger on this site, Melanie (melaniereynolds) said, and I echo, Namaste to India. That country is going through an incredibly rough time right now and (for what it’s worth) I’m wishing them all the best. Again, I say Namaste, India.

Right after I finish typing this, I’m off to see mom again in hospital. It’s becoming more and more clear she won’t be returning to her assisted living facility again. Assuming she comes out of hospital, she’ll likely end up in a nursing home, at least for rehabilitation, if not for the long term. Hoping a quick visit will cheer her up.

My beloved hockey team, the Colorado Avalanche resume action tonight. For the first time this season, they lost their third game in a row on Wednesday. They need to turn it around starting tonight, as the playoffs are coming up in about two and a half weeks. Go Avs.

Today’s word of the day is a bit ho hum. Today’s word? Arboreal. Its meaning? As I’m sure most of you know, it means “…of or relating to trees; treelike…” Not that interesting, so of course, I didn’t spend a lot of time on it.

And that sums things up going into work on a Friday.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful end of the work week Friday.

April 29, 2021

Any Parent Can Relate

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Again, the brain is dried up, though reading Richard Thompson’s memoir is definitely tickling some brain waves. Maybe after a few dozen more pages. At any rate, today I’m just doing word of the day again. Here goes:

Today’s word? Refractory. Its meaning? “…hard or impossible to manage; stubbornly disobedient…” Now, tell me anyone who’s ever been a parent and couldn’t relate to this one. Either that, or anyone who was a staff member to our recently deposed dictator. (Oh, no he di’ ‘int).

And, as I have become accustomed to doing, here is the etymology per “Refractory, ‘stubborn, obstinate,’ is a respelling (or even a misspelling) of earlier refractary, which comes straight from Latin refractarius, with the same senses. Refractarius is a derivative of refractus, the past participle of the verb refringere ‘to break, break back, break open,’ a compound of the prefix re- ‘again, back again, back,’ and the simple verb frangere ‘to break, shatter, smash.’ Refractary entered English in the second half of the 16th century; the spelling refractary first occurs in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida (1602).

So, there you have it. Today’s word and where it came from per (fast becoming a favorite web site).

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this (we’re almost there) beautiful Thursday.

April 28, 2021

Off to Visit Mom

Among the ironies of this pandemic that has gripped the world for over a year, now, is the fact that visiting people is harder than ever. And, of course, this is a time when people could use a friendly visit to cheer up and to cope. I’ve seen my mom a total of twice (with today about to be a third time) since Covid hit. The first was this past Friday (five days ago). The second was this past Sunday (three days ago). Funny how it took hospitalization in order for me to see her.

Mom took a tumble in her apartment of the assisted living facility she was staying in. Paramedics arrived. She had no broken bones, but her blood pressure was very low. They brought her to hospital for precautionary reasons. She’s been there since last Thursday (six days now). They’ve found a number of sores that don’t seem to want to heal. It’s attributed to diabetes. But, the fact that she’s showing signs of the beginning of dementia doesn’t help. It’s apparent that she’s unaware she even has these sores. She may be staying in the hospital for quite a while to come.

Even when she’s discharged, she’ll likely end up in a true nursing home, as she is both physically and mentally/emotionally unable to care for herself, even in the most rudimentary sense. It’s a sad thing to witness. I’m going to see her today, partly out of guilt, but also to hopefully help her bring a smile to her face. Mom and I have had our differences over the last 58 years (my lifetime), but I still want what’s left of her life to be as comfortable as possible.

So, I’m going to head to hospital right now, before I start driving and hopefully make her smile a bit. I’m just hoping she doesn’t become argumentative. I try to explain to her what’s going on with her health but it’s met with blank stares and cries of “…why can’t I just go home?” All I can tell her is, “…it’s up to the doctors,” which is of little consolation.

At any rate, that’s where we are. Just try to make her comfortable and, hopefully, make her laugh a bit.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this hump day Wednesday.

April 27, 2021

Good Reading Leading to Good Writing?

All right, I admit it. Of late, my writing has been minimal both in quantity and in quality. They use the term “writer’s block” but I question its accuracy. There’s a lot going on in my personal life, so that’s part of the problem. I just don’t seem to have anything interesting to write about. I lean towards non-fiction. Fiction held a short interest to me, but not particularly now. I mean, I do my blogging but those pieces are just real quick punches to the gut. I’d like to write something more far-reaching, but for the moment, am kind of stuck.

Meanwhile, I’m juggling three books of reading. All are fascinating in their own ways. I’m hoping, even if only by happenstance, that some of the ideas will rub off into some brilliance on my part. (Not holding my breath).

First off, I’m continuing to read, and decipher, Nietzsche’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra.” It’s a fascinating look into the world of existentialism, but told in story form and is both interesting and entertaining. So, if that rubs off, all the better.

Meanwhile, J is doing a commissioned painting for a friend of ours. His girlfriend is a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe, and J is doing a painting featuring Poe and some of his more famous works put to canvass but also, will include a sort of collage of some of his works embedded into the painting. J has assigned me to pick appropriate pieces to squeeze into the painting. I’m glad to do it, as I’ve always liked Poe’s works and it’s an excuse to read and re-read some of his poetry AND short stories. So, that’s a joy.

And, finally, as a gift, J got a memoir of the great guitarist Richard Thompson and surprised me with it for no reason this past weekend. So, last ight I began devouring that as well. For those who don’t know, Thompson was a founding member of the British folk-rock band, “Fairport Convention” in the late ’60’s, and has since gone on to a successful career, first with his then wife Linda, and then flying solo since about 1983. I just started it last night and just can’t wait to read more.

So, here’s hoping that some good reading will lead to some good writing. Fingers crossed.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this cloudy and cool Tuesday.

April 26, 2021

Try Working This One Into a Sentence

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All right, for today, I’m not disillusioned with the word of the day. Today’s word? Sumpsimus. Its meaning? “…adherence to or persistence in using a strictly correct term, holding to a precise practice, etc., as a rejection of an erroneous but more common form…”

The story behind the etymology is rather long but I will present a condensed version from “The odd noun sumpsimus, ‘adherence to a correct word or practice while rejecting an erroneous but more common one; a person who stubbornly adheres to such correctness,’ has an equally odd history. Sumpsimus is actually a Latin verb form ‘we have taken,’ the first person plural perfect indicative of sumere ‘to take, take up.’ The traditional story behind sumpsimus is that Erasmus, the Dutch humanist and scholar, wrote a letter in 1516 about an English priest who, when he was corrected about his use of incorrect mumpsimus for the correct sumpsimus, said he would not change his old mumpsimus for the new sumpsimus. Sumpsimus entered English in the first half of the 16th century.”

Though I can’t imagine working the word “sumpsimus” into a sentence, I know, historically, I have employed sumpsimus within my working environments. To wit: way back when, I used to work in social services. We had to write up service plans with specific goals. People commonly, even routinely, would write goals such as “Joe will brush his teeth without physical assistance with 3 prompts or less.” I was the asshole that would always point out, it should be “3 or fewer” not “3 or less.” Though my version is actually gramaticlly correct, people still commonly wrote it the other way. It’s vexing, but whatcha gonna do?

And there is today’s word of the day.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beginning of the work week Monday.

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