Little Dit Dots

I got last night’s pick correct for my NFL (American football) picks and went 10-6 for the week. My record for correct picks for the season is now 114-65-1, for a correct picks percentage of .636. Again, this really isn’t too bad considering how much I DON’T follow the sport that much any more. Go… Continue reading Little Dit Dots


So, 45 has rubbed off on local politics, here in Arizona. Kari Lake, the LOSING Republican candidate for governor, in the Grand Canyon State, is suing the state, saying the election was “stolen” from her. She doesn’t have one SHRED of evidence to that effect, but that doesn’t matter to her, because she went to… Continue reading Dangerous?

Excuses, Excuses

So, 45 had “Ye” (formerly known as Kanye West) and white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, over for dinner at the famed Mar-a-Lago. Afterwards, he said Kanye “dropped by” with some friends of his (one of whom is Fuentes) and that he (45) didn’t really know them. Really? So, 45 has two anti-Semites over—both of whom have… Continue reading Excuses, Excuses

House Husband?

No, we’re not married, but J is feeling under the weather. Has been since Wednesday evening. So, I’m pretty much taking over the household chores. I’m not griping, just stating the way things are. Even with all of that, we’re having a pretty good 4-day holiday weekend. My two least favorite chores in the whole… Continue reading House Husband?

Several Little Thoughts

Yesterday, for the first time I can remember, I was three for three in NFL (American football) picks. Good start to a full weekend. Surprisingly, no real “turkey hangover” for either J or me. Though, admittedly, we just had dinner between the two of us. We were supposed to go to a friend’s house for… Continue reading Several Little Thoughts

Guns For All?

So, since Saturday, we’ve had two more mass shootings here, in the US. The first was in Colorado (the state I still call home, though I haven’t lived there in 25 years) at a Gay Night Club. The second was just yesterday, at a Wal-Mart in Virginia. Obviously, in the US, it’s not safe to… Continue reading Guns For All?

Had to Happen

Here in Arizona, the Republicans lost—pretty much across the board. So, how did they handle it? They say the election was “stolen.” Of course it was. I mean, how could anyone not want the Republicans? (Tongue firmly in cheek)! They only lie at every turn, and cry foul when they lose. The Kari Lakes and… Continue reading Had to Happen

Milestones: A Redux

Yesterday, I tried to post this piece but there was something weird about my internet and I lost WordPress for the rest of the morning and just never came back. Not that anyone missed anything very important, but I felt like posting it again, since no one got to see it in the first place.… Continue reading Milestones: A Redux

Of Course He Denies Everything

I guess people, as a whole, only see what they want to see. 45 has just said he will not “partake” of the DOJ investigation into him and his family. Using his own (ridiculous) words, “…for six years, I’ve been proven innocent…” That’s bullshit. Mueller’s investigation concluded with the phrase, while there isn’t enough evidence… Continue reading Of Course He Denies Everything