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October 21, 2021

Thursday Which is Pick Day

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Well, somehow this has become the Thursday habit for me. So, following will be my picks for this week (week seven of the NFL—American style football). This week, six teams have byes so there are only 13 games. My record, thus far, is 54-40, which is a correct percentage of .574. And, this is the only time my team (the Denver Broncos) are on national TV—tonight ion Thursday Night Football. By the way, the six byes this week are: the Buffalo Bills, the Dallas Cowboys, the Minnesota Vikings, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the LA Chargers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, the picks

  1. Thursday Night Football—Denver at Cleveland—If I were completely objective and circumstances were different, I’d go with Cleveland at home, but I have a hard time picking against Denver, and Cleveland is decimated with injuries. Going with Denver (but don’t listen to me).
  2. Washington at Green Bay—Washington is awful Go with GB.
  3. Kansas City at Tennessee—Tennessee surprising teams. KC not as good as originally thought. Going with Tennessee at home.
  4. Atlanta at Miami—Though they came out of the gate slow, I still think Miami has more talent than Atlanta. Go with Miami.
  5. NY Jets at New England—NE in a walk
  6. Carolina at NY Giants—Carolina in a walk. Both NY teams are awful!
  7. Cincinnati at Baltimore—Ravens are hitting their stride though I think Cincinnati is a mild surprise. Go with Baltimore.
  8. Philadelphia at Las Vegas—LV pretty easily. Philly is still pretty crappy.
  9. Detroit at LA Rams—Rams. Not even close.
  10. Houston at Arizona—Until someone beats them—go with AZ.
  11. Chicago at Tampa Bay–TB at home over a mediocre Bears team.
  12. Sunday Night Football—Indianapolis at San Francisco—Two mediocre and disappointing teams. Going with SF at home but wouldn’t bet a lot of money.
  13. Monday Night Football—New Orleans at Seattle—-Not exactly sure why but picking the mild upset with Seattle at home. New Orleans is good, but inconsistent. Seattle is tough to figure. There is always an upset or two. I think this is the only one I’m picking, aside from Denver.

And there you have it for what it’s worth. I may present some poetry tomorrow.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this almost end of the work week, Thursday.

October 20, 2021

Debilitating Anxiety

Last night, J had a match in our (Tuesday-)Thursday night darts league. (I did not, but that’s of no significance). J was playing a guy named Chazzy, who I played earlier in the season. After ten games of the 15-game match, Chazzy had to call it quits. We asked if he was ok, and he said he’d just had an anxiety attack—a serious one. He said he hadn’t suffered one of those in years. We asked if he was ok, or if he needed a ride home. He said, no he’d call his wife, she’d settle him down and he’d drive himself home.

Now, I’ve been very fortunate throughout my life, in that I’ve never been afflicted with this kind of internal struggle. I don’t know exactly what caused this trauma for Chazzy, but I do know a little about his recent past. Chazzy just got through a bout with cancer. He actually had one of his kidneys removed. The good news is, he’s just seen his doctor and is clear of cancer and does not need to return to the doc for a full year. Great news all around. In addition to the cancer, Chazzy also went through Covid. So, obviously, he’s had medical issues, especially recently.

In addition to all of that, Chazzy served in the military and occasionally suffers from PTSD. (He’s told both of us that those episodes are few and far between now, as well). He’s just this sweet old guy, and J took it especially hard that he felt so anxious as to have to call off their match.

I don’t know what the cause was, last night, for Chazzy. But I do know this. Anxiety is nothing to play around with. If someone has a panic attack, and they are in a public situation, the result can be as scary as a heart attack. Chazzy looked really unwell, last night. Fortunately, he was able to pull it together enough to form a plan. Some others are not always so lucky.

The bottom line is: serious anxiety and other (seemingly mild) mental health issues are not to be taken lightly. We all need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally, and mental health issues should not have any stigma attached to them. Just because someone suffers from mental health issues, does not mean they’re weak. It means they have a health problem—pure and simple. Let’s all try to be sympathetic to that.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful hump day Wednesday.

October 19, 2021

A Surprise and Other Quickies

So, I missed my pick for last night’s MNF game and so I finished 9-5 for the week and am currently 54-40 for the season. That’s a correct picks percentage of .541. Nothing to write home about, but I say medium-respectable, especially since I really don’t follow football that closely any more.

In another mild surprise, my scheduled darts match for tonight has been canceled. My opponent, Michael, has dropped out of the league due to family problems. I’m not really super surprised. Like I said, yesterday, I knew of two previous matches he’d blown off already, so the fact he dropped out of the league entirely is not overly shocking. Still, J has her match tonight so I will go and cheer her on and have a couple pints.

The anti-vaxxers are just getting weirder and weirder. There’s a private school in Miami that is discouraging vaccinations and even saying, if you do get your child vaccinated, please keep them at home for 30 days. What? So, now it’s those who are vaccinated who are contagious? I mean, any lie to make yourself sound credible? The hard core right has just plain got to stop. Seriously. Stupid is one thing, but absolute insanity? And, people are buying it? Are you fucking serious?

Ok. That was my rant for the day, but does anyone with any intelligence or any sanity buy ANY of this new right-wing’s bullshit. I’ve said enough—nay, too much.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this gorgeous Tuesday morning.

October 18, 2021

Some Observations

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Again, my brain is tired. And, again, I have some time constraints so this will be another piece that touches on several somethings but nothing specific. To wit:

The big headline for today is the death of Colin Powell. He died from complications from Covid. Not surprising. I don’t know if he was an anti-vaxxer, but a lot of Republicans are and they downplayed the significance of Covid and because of attitudes of that nature, we’re still trying to get rid of the scourge. I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead. Powell had a lot to be proud of. He was the first African-American Secretary of State. From humble beginnings, he made it big in the world of politics and diplomacy. However, he also condoned and issued lies (remember Weapons of Mass Destruction) in order to drag the US into Iraq and an unpopular war. Again, he did some great things, but by no means should anyone regard Colin Powell as a hero. My opinion and mine alone.

While still awaiting tonight’s result, my record for picks through yesterday for this week was 9-4. (There will be fewer than 16 games most weeks now, until all teams have had their byes). So, as it stands now, my record for the season is 54-39. A correct pick tonight will make me 55-39 through six weeks of the season—approximately a third of the way through. The most disappointing miss I had yesterday was my Broncos. I thought LV would be shook up with the resigning of their slimy head coach, but the fact is the Raiders have a deeper talent pool than the Broncos. We’ll see what next week brings.

J and I played in our Sunday afternoon darts tournament, yesterday. J and her partner took second place, while my partner and I got beat in two rounds and tied for last place. Of late, I just don’t seem to be able to throw and J has picked up her game exponentially. We both have matches tomorrow night in our (Tuesday-)Thursday night league. J will be playing this guy Chazzy, whom I beat 14-1, so she should take care of him. I’m playing this guy Michael who, from what I hear, has been frequently missing scheduled matches. I don’t believe I’ve even met him yet so, it will be interesting. We’ll see.

Ok. That’s all I got. Happy Monday, everyone.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful and fairly cool Monday morning.

October 17, 2021

More and More Miscellany

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It’s Sunday. Sunday is my favorite day and, for whatever reason, I don’t feel like using my brain and ruining my “Sunday mood.” Hence, I’ll touch on a couple things in a variety of subjects and move on. Here goes.

I would never have guessed this but the Jacksonville Jaguars just beat the Miami Dolphins in American football in London. (For whatever reason, the Jags can’t draw any fans so they have played at least two of their “home” games in London). I really figured Jacksonville to go 0-16. Shows what I know.

J and I have our darts tournament today. The way she’s been playing and beating me lately, I’m kind of hoping to have her as my doubles partner. (It’s a blind draw). Here’s wishing us both luck.

J and I watched a documentary on the New York band, The Velvet Underground, last night. (Two exceptions to New York. John Cale is Welsh, and Nico is German). At any rate, it was a fascinating movie and well worth the time it took to watch. J is a huge Velvet Underground/Lou Reed fan, as am I. If you like music and, especially, Avant Garde stuff, I highly recommend this film.

The MLB (baseball) playoffs continue today. The LA Dodgers are playing at the Atlanta Braves. The Braves are up 1 game to none in the best of seven series. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox beat the Houston Astros yesterday and have evened that series at one game apiece. The winners of these two series’ will meet later in the World Series.

And, that’s about all I got. I hope you all enjoy the weekend.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this gorgeous Sunday.

October 16, 2021

What Are White People Afraid Of?

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So, the controversy continues about whether or not “critical race theory” should be taught in schools. For some, the idea is too painful to face. For others, it’s just a “liberal form of indoctrination.” To anyone with common sense, it’s just fact and why shouldn’t kids hear about it?

To sum up (and this is an oversimplification), “critical race theory” is about inherent and systemic racism within the United States. While, in some ways, things have gotten better (we don’t have slaves any more—gee we must be real proud); in other ways, things really haven’t changed (minorities are still more likely to get a lesser education, to live in poverty and to end up in jail). All of this is because the system is rigged.

The controversy, which is amplified by right wing media (Fox News, One America Network), is that some white kids come home complaining that they feel guilty being white. Fox and its brethren (and, pretty much any follower of #45) can’t have that. Why are we trying to guilt our kids (they would say)? To a degree, there may be some truth there, but I think it (purposefully?) misses the point. The idea isn’t to make white kids feel guilty—it’s to teach them the facts and the fact is, there is still inherent racism in America. (Will it ever go away? Not without honest education about the matter).

Of course, the right-wingers who are particularly hard core say that the whole “theory” is indoctrination. The “liberals” want to teach the kids that all white people are bad and the only answer is “socialism.” (Seriously, listen to the likes of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, etc.—they really believe this shit). Of course, that extreme belief is absolute nonsense, but you can’t reason with the unreasonable, and anyone who still has faith in the fallen dictator is, by definition, unreasonable.

So, that brings up my original question. What are white people afraid of? I think the (also oversimplified) answer is, white people are seeing their numbers decrease and, therefore, their power. So, if we can keep up the illusion that America is fair and the playing field is level, those who are gaining in numbers (brown skinned people) won’t “take over.” I say, if the system is fucked up, maybe someone new SHOULD take over.

That’s my take on it anyway, for what it’s worth.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful Saturday morning.

October 15, 2021

Quick Sports Wrap

As I often do to myself, I have time constraints so I thought I’d summarize a few things going on in the world of sports and call it a day.

So, in baseball, the two league championship series are set. The LA Dodgers beat and eliminated the SF Giants in San Francisco last night and moved on to the National League Championship series. They will be playing the Atlanta Braves, who will have home field. The American League series begins today with the Boston Red Sox visiting the Houston Astros, and Houston having the home field advantage in that series.

In football, for the fifth time in six weeks, I got the pick correct for the Thursday Night Football game. Tampa Bay beat Philadelphia at home to improve my record. We’ll see how things go this weekend, but it’s a start.

Of course, the most important sports of them all is hockey. I saved it for last. I believe I mentioned that my Colorado Avalanche beat J’s Chicago Black Hawks on Wednesday. Now, I wish no ill will on the Hawks. In fact, they truly are my second favorite team. That said, they are playing tonight on the road at the New Jersey Devils. The Avs second game is tomorrow night when they host the St. Louis Blues.

And tonight, after we’re both done with work, J and I will be playing darts in the back yard.

That about sums it up.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful end of the work week Friday.

October 14, 2021

Picks and other Miscellany

Before I get into this week’s picks I want to mention a few other things that are sports related.

Hockey got started on Tuesday night, but my team (the Colorado Avalanche) opened their season at home against J’s team (the Chicago Black Hawks). The avs won. No more need be said. Good start to the season.

In baseball, the last of the four League Championship series teams will be decided today. The SF Giants are hosting the LA Dodgers in the decisive game five of that series. The winner will play the Atlanta Braves for the NL title. The AL series begins tomorrow with the Boston Red Sox playing at the Houston Astros. May the best teams win (but not the Dodgers).

Ok, so for this weeks picks. I’m making it quick as I am a bit behind for the day. It should be noted that four teams have byes this week. They are: the Atlanta Falcons, the New Orleans Saints, the NY Jets and the San Francisco 49ers. Hence, this week there will be 14 games rather than 16. This will be true until every team has had their byes. Ok now the picks:

  1. Thursday Night Football—Tampa Bay at Philadelphia. Going with TB.
  2. Las Vegas at Denver—I would say the Raiders, but LV going through trauma and drama with their racist and misogynistic head coach resigning. Go with Denver (fingers crossed).
  3. Miami at Jacksonville (in London). Miami easy.
  4. LA Chargers at Baltimore—this may be more hope than actual pick but going with Baltimore
  5. Kansas City at Washington—Kansas City in an easy one
  6. LA Rams at NY Giants—Rams in an easy one.
  7. Houston at Indianapolis—-Going with a surprise between two not very good teams. Ordinarily in this type of game I’d go with the home team but my gut says go with Houston.
  8. Cincinnati at Detroit—Detroit is awful. Go with Cincinnati.
  9. Green Bay at Chicago—I think the Packers surprise the Bears in Chicago. Go with GB.
  10. Minnesota at Carolina—Going with Carolina though Philly surprised them last week.
  11. Arizona at Cleveland—Cleveland has played well against tough teams, but AZ is undefeated so until they lose…go with Arizona.
  12. Dallas at New England—Dallas has improved immensely. Go with them over an average at best NE team.
  13. Sunday Night Football—Seattle at Pittsburgh. I think Pittsburgh has found their game and are at home. Go with Pittsburgh.
  14. Monday Night Football—Buffalo at Tennessee. Since their season opening loss, the Bills have played angry and hard. Go with Buffalo.

And there you have it for what it’s worth.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful almost end of the work week Thursday.

October 13, 2021

And the Better Player Won

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All right, so J and I played our 15-game darts match last night in our (Tuesday-)Thursday night darts league. I won’t leave you in suspense—J beat me eight games to seven. It was a hard fought match and neither of us let up on the other. We still shared a bed last night, so I think we’re all good.

The match was really back and forth. I wasn’t playing badly except for one game. J was just the better player, that’s all. The first eight games were a game called 501. The first six were literally split even. J won, I won, J won, I won, J won and then I won. But J took the last two games for a 5-3 lead after 501. The next four games were a game called cricket. The first one, I played absolutely horribly. J beat the shit out of me on that one. But, the next three cricket games, I was unbeatable, so we went into the final three games tied at six games apiece. The last three games were a game called 301. J won the first, I won the second and then J dominated me to take game 15 and the match. Again, it was a good hard fought match and we both played as hard as we could. I don’t mind losing like that.

Now, tonight, with the start of the hockey season, my Colorado Avalanche is playing her Chicago Black Hawks in Denver. I need my Avs to exact my revenge for me. (Just kidding. We’ll just have a great time watching the game together).

So, that was our tale of last night and the upcoming tale of tonight.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this beautiful, cooler hump day Wednesday.

October 12, 2021

An Evening of Reckoning

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So, tonight, J and I play against each other in our (Tuesday-)Thursday night singles darts league. There are 18 players in the league and we all play each other once. J and I had to play each other some time, so doing it early is as good a time as any. Tonight is the fifth match of the season. We play 15 games in a match and all games count in the standings, so it’s not like the first one to 8 gets a win. You play all matches. As an example, I lost one match 15-0. I also won one match 14-1. My record for just those two matches is 14-16, not 1-1.

So, going into tonight, my overall record is 33-27. J’s is 23-37. We’ve only had one opponent in common, so far. I beat her 11-4, and J beat her 10-5. We’re pretty evenly matched. Of late, J has really propped up her game. Personally, I think I’ve improved some too, but J is markedly better than she was. In other words, this match is no push over. All kidding aside, I think we’re both looking forward to it, but will also be glad to get it out of the way. But, believe me, I will try everything I can to win. I KNOW J feels the same way. May the better darter win.

In other news, I (barely) got my pick right for the Monday Night Football game last night and finished the week at 11-5. That makes my season’s record 45-35. Not horrible, considering week one I was 6 out of 16. We’ll see how things progress.

Still not feeling real political, so I’m not going to piss myself off. Though, I will mention that I did vote by mail this morning for this upcoming November 2 election. There were three city council seats up for grabs and two ballot amendments. One was to increase the minimum wage which I voted for, and the other was to give the mayor a raise, which I voted against. I say, if you want to be mayor, you should do it for free as a public service, but that’s me.

And, that covers everything. I’ll let everyone know how J and I fared against each other.

And, as always, here’s wishing everyone peace on this cloudy and quite cool Tuesday.

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