Tidbits and Time Killers

I don’t have anything brilliant to say but, for whatever reason, feel the need to write something. So some quick shots with no relevance to anything meaningful whatsoever to start a Tuesday. These next couple weeks are going to be weird with nothing to do on week nights—namely Tuesday and Thursday. Luckily, darts league will… Continue reading Tidbits and Time Killers

You Got the Silver

Well, yesterday J and I played in our first ever “Senior Olympics” singles darts tournament. Next Saturday, we play doubles together and with friends in separate events. J and I will do mixed doubles together. She’ll do women’s doubles with our friend Barb, and I men’s doubles with Barb’s boyfriend and our friend, Al. But,… Continue reading You Got the Silver

Olympian? Me?

As ridiculous as it is for me to say, today I am an Olympian. (Seriously, if you saw my sorry fat white self, you’d agree—ridiculous)! But, as weird as it is it’s true. Today is the first of two Saturdays for the Tucson area “Senior Olympics” darts tournament. I’m pretty excited, actually. Today is a… Continue reading Olympian? Me?

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where just nothing went right? I know everybody has them, but yesterday seemed to be especially harsh for some reason. I suppose it all started Wednesday night. I got a new phone. One would think this to be good news. My old one was getting to where… Continue reading One of Those Days


Though there are no games until Saturday, this Thursday (usually wrong) pick ’em thing has become a habit. There are only eight teams left in the fight for the Super Bowl crown. Four in each conference, so there are two games left in each conference—four for the weekend. Let’s move forward. Game one (AFC divisional… Continue reading Thursday…So..

A Holiday Mishmash

So, today being Martin Luther King day, a lot of people have the day off. I will be working, but J is currently sleeping in. Good for her (grumble, mumble). Just want to make a couple quick hits before hitting the road. So, old #45 was up the road a ways yesterday (a town called… Continue reading A Holiday Mishmash

Yet Another Fiction Idea

This occurred to me when J and I were at beer house with some friends yesterday. One of them was telling us about a bet he had made and somehow we got on the subject of shaving points and throwing the game (or, in the case of boxing, throwing the fight). Anyway, with this conversation,… Continue reading Yet Another Fiction Idea