And The Hypocrisy Continues

I just finished reading a piece in “The Daily Beast” written by Wajahat Ali. He is an American-born, first generation descendent of Pakistani parents. He eloquently pointed out in the article what I’ve tried to state in a few recently written pieces. It turns out that Mr. Ali was invited to give a keynote speech… Continue reading And The Hypocrisy Continues

News Bits

Apparently, at a rally the other day, a heckler in the audience called Ron DeSantis, a “fucking fascist.” Being the genius that he is, DeSantis reportedly said, “Well, thank you.” (Granted, DeSantis probably didn’t hear the heckler clearly…either that or, he really did feel being called a fascist was a compliment.) At any rate, DeSantis… Continue reading News Bits

Friday Quickies

So, now 45 is taking pot shots at Ron DeSantis by claiming that DeSantis is “on the spectrum.” This is so wrong in a number of ways. First, there’s nothing wrong with having some form of Autism. Second, to make fun of it, or try to deride someone, just because that’s part of their makeup… Continue reading Friday Quickies

Et Tu, Roger?

So, the Daily Beast published a story about Roger Stone, who was a close advisor to 45. In the story, Stone is caught on a “hot mic” saying how easily manipulated ol’ #45 can be. You just gotta wonder how he slithers out of this one. I see a couple scenarios. The first, and most… Continue reading Et Tu, Roger?

Not An Original Thought

A fellow blogger, Kym Gordon Moore, wrote a piece today (yesterday?), regarding book banning. I didn’t see a way to comment on her piece, so I thought I’d reiterate my feelings here. Hope you get a chance to read this, Kym. As you’ve no doubt read in the news of late, in Florida (and other… Continue reading Not An Original Thought

More Quick Hits

Ok, I’ve said this many times before: I’m not a huge fan of the NBA (basketball), but the finals are coming and I actually have a team to root for. My (as it were) Denver Nuggets will have home court advantage over the Miami Heat. Miami survived an amazing series over Boston. Miami had a… Continue reading More Quick Hits

Memorial Day Musings

There were several items in the news that would be enough to cause a rant, but I won’t. MTG said something idiotic—-again—no surprise. 45posted something idiotic and insane—again—on his “Truth Social” social media site—no surprise. Yeah, there’s lots to gripe about from the news, but I won’t. J has the day off, so I am… Continue reading Memorial Day Musings

How Much Did He Give In?

Well, the “good news” is, an agreement has been reached on the debt ceiling. It needed to be done, but at what cost? From what I’m reading, as a whole, the Republicans are crowing “Victory.” Not knowing all the details, I think they’re probably right. One thing I’ll give Biden, it doesn’t look like he… Continue reading How Much Did He Give In?

Now, What?

I didn’t watch it (really, had no interest), but from what I’ve heard on multiple occasions, CNN’s “town hall” with 45 was a disaster. Not only did the former wannabe dictator ignore questions about his legal problems, his handling of 1-6, etc., but he called his interviewer “nasty,” and the crowd was “stacked” with pro-45… Continue reading Now, What?