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October 8, 2018

Alex Price #3 – After the Light, After the Love.

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I’ll plug Steph’s work any time. Also, read my review of this book below. Check out SC Richmond’s blog here on word press.

S C Richmond

The weathers cooling and it’s time we are all sorting out our reading material for the coming winter. Why not give this a try, it’s getting good reviews.

Curl up and enjoy. via Alex Price #3 – After the Light, After the Love.

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September 8, 2018

Would You Like a Reblog? Leave a Link…

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Check out this page. Wide variety of topics and very well written.

Dream Big, Dream Often


The are only 2 simple rules to get your post reblogged on my page:

(Click here to) leave me a link in the comments 


Reblog this post in return.

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August 25, 2018

After The Light, After The Love

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I reviewed this one as well, but if you haven’t read this, give it a shot. Also, check out SC Richmond’s blog. She writes on a number of topics and is always interesting.

S C Richmond

quotes--Is-there-a-price-foAfter the Light, After the Love is the third book in the Alex Price series, currently available on Kindle and in paperback from all good bookshops.

The Community and Pictures of Deceit are also available.


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July 19, 2018


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I think this says it all. Thanks for sharing.


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July 17, 2018

Birthday Gift

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For those who love a good mystery and a snappy read, please check out SC Richmond’s books and her blog, and hey, this one’s free!!

S C Richmond

As it’s my birthday I’m giving you all a gift of  ‘The Community’ Alex Price Book 1 absolutely free on Kindle just for today.

I hope you enjoy it xxx

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July 15, 2018

Leave Me A Link and I’ll Share Your Page!!

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Take a look at Dream Big’s blog. Always good stuff.

Dream Big, Dream Often

As most of my followers know I am big into helping other bloggers gain more exposure. My goal has been to grow a community of like-minded people and I am part way to my goal.  I am bringing back the open call to leave a link and I’ll share it for you!!

To get a reblog you must do the following:

  1. leave me a link to your page, and
  2. Share this post with your followers.

Each day I’ll randomly select 3 links to reblog.  I’m not sure it gets much simpler.  You can leave as many links as you want and I’ll cycle this post from day-to-day so more people can jump on board.

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June 28, 2018

Alex Price – Round Up.

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Anyone interested in a good mystery will almost certainly like this series. Check out SC Richmond’s blog as well.

S C Richmond

via Alex Price – Round Up.

Check these books out and get your summer reading sorted. Crime/mystery with a dash of love.

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June 12, 2018

Something for Nothing

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So, I have been terrible about writing.  I call myself a writer and, sometimes, even when the brain is frozen, you just gotta write.  So, a quickie true story for you for no real reason–for what it’s worth.

I drive for Uber.  Now, no matter where you live in the world, I’m sure you’re familiar.  It’s like a taxi service without the price gouging.

When I’m driving, I keep the radio on a little known, independent radio station, here in Tucson.  I like them because they’ll play anything.  You’ll hear a song by the Ramones followed by a song by Louis Armstrong.  Odds are you won’t like everything they play, but odds are equally likely that, if you listen long enough, you’ll hear SOME thing that you’ll like.  I usually keep the volume down low if I have a customer.  Big lead up for a small story.

Anyway, so this guy gets in my car the other day.  He was noticeably younger than me—doubt if he was 30, yet.  As typical, when a new fare jumps in I turn down the volume.  So, a song comes on (“Ripple” by the Grateful Dead) and my fare says “turn it up.”  Well, the customer is always right, so…

After a couple notes, he starts singing along with Jerry Garcia.  Then, after a short while, he stops.  I tell him, “Dude, you’re free to sing Grateful Dead in my car,” and he resumes.  After a couple more notes I join him.  We end up singing the whole song and after it’s over we laugh and thank each other.   Hey, it helped kill the time and next thing we knew, I had him home from a long day’s work.  As he got out of my car, we shared a high five.

Moral of the story?  Probably isn’t one.  You just never know who you’re going to meet.  Thanks for reading/listening.

Peace to all.

May 13, 2018

Website Update

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If you haven’t read SC Richmond’s stuff, here’s another chance. Quality work.

S C Richmond

Please feel free to share this far and wide … Thank you in advance 🙂

There is now a shop front on the website if you want copies of my books sent directly to you, personally signed to you or your loved ones. There is also a silver pendant that’s available to match the design that runs through the books.

Check it out and treat yourself.

You can always get the ebooks from your Local Amazon site #Kindle and if you have Kindle unlimited ‘The Community’ is free for you.  P.S. I can’t sign them 😉

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April 23, 2018

why not? concluded

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So, over the last ten days or so I’ve posted album covers without explanations.  That was the rule as set forth by someone who started the whole thing in facebook.  However, this isn’t facebook and I haven’t been blogging much so i figured why not?

The ten covers posted were not necessarily my ten most favorite albums of all time though all ten probably fall somewhere in the top fifty.  But each of them represent some sort of first for me, so I’m going to do a quick blurb on each of the ten to explain their particular meaning to me.  Since blogs are supposed to stay short, I’ll do it over three days.

Yes, I know this is self serving, but I haven’t been writing and I had to think of something.  Apologies to all, but hopefully there will be some who find this of some interest.

8) Frank Zappa Overnight Sensation.  Now, this one is a bit of a cheat.  I suppose you’d put FZ and the Mothers of Invention into the avant garde, but with a humorous twist, category.  The cheat part is, this isn’t the FZ album that turned me on to him.  My first two were “Just Another band from LA,” and “Sheik Yerbouti,” both of which are live albums.  This was Frank’s first studio album that turned me on.

9) Rusted Root When I Woke.  Before we were lovers, my significant other had given me a couple of the songs from this (their debut) album.  Since then, I’ve played this disc countless times.  If you ever get a chance to see RR in concert, do so.  You’ll dance your ass off, even if you’re not a dancer.  (I have numerous times, and I’m not).

10) Richard Thompson— Across a crowded Room.  Some time in the middle ’90’s RT usurped Jethro Tull as my favorite musical artist.  This may not be his best album, but it was the one that turned me on to him.

And there you have it, for what it’s worth.  10 album covers by 10 artists that have influenced me and my reasons for choosing them.  Thanks for taking the time to read.  Peace to all.

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